What Are Infringement Notices?

Infringement notices, are also known as the on-spot-fines. These notices are an important part of Victoria’s law enforcement system. The offences that mostly include in this infringement notice are: speeding, traffic, transport, and any criminal offenses. 

Infringements related to Road Safety Camera Program can involve offenses like speeding, not following traffic rules, ad not have a permit to drive/ride, driving without any permit, etc. 

If you receive an infringement notice, you have a number of options to consider before taking any further steps.

Here are a few of the options that you can consider:

  1. Pay the penalty or apply to pay the penalty o an installment-basis
  2. Request to conduct an internal review
  3. Nominate another driver
  4. Nomiate that vehicle or number plate of the vehicle was stolen
  5. Decide/elect to go to the court
  6. Nominate that the driver’s identity  cannot e estalished

An intervention order is an order made by the court to protect you from physical or mental harm being done to you by another person. This is sometimes referred to as a restraining order or “AVO” but in Victoria it is known as an IVO.

There are two main types of IVOs:

1. Personal safety intervention orders
2. Family violence intervention orders

If you have been harmed, or threatened to be harmed, by another person then you can make an application to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria for an intervention order.

Alternatively, if someone has made an application for an intervention order against you, then you will have the right to dispute the application if you think the grounds of the order are unjustified.

The consequences of an IVO being made are very serious. For example, it can limit a person’s ability to contact another person or to be within a certain distance of that person. If the IVO is breached then that person can be charged with a criminal offence and be arrested.

Western Law takes the safety of the community very seriously. If you are in need of an IVO, or you are afraid an IVO might be unfairly ordered against you, please contact us for a confidential and supportive solicitor to help you with your application.