It is frustrating where you have provided a service or product and have not been paid. Western Law is highly experienced in dealing with delinquent payors. If you or your business is owed a debt, the first thing Western Law will do is issue a formal letter of demand to your debtor. If payment is not made then we will seek your instructions to commence court proceedings against the debtor for payment of the debt plus costs and interest. If your claim is successful in court, you will then have options for enforcing the debt such as applying for a warrant or summoning the debtor to court to have their financial circumstances assessed. Depending on the amount owed, a person or company can also be made bankrupt. Whatever the amount is owed to you, with Western Law you will have skilled debt collection services with the additional benefit of legal representation for a very reasonable price compared to other law firms.

Debt Management

Prevention is better than the cure. We have seen all the best and worst methods for managing debts and disputes. If high debtors is a problem for your business, Western Law can provide you with strategies to help your business minimise the risk of incurring debt in future. Contact us for legal advice customised to the needs of your business for managing those outstanding accounts.


Western Law can also provide assistance to debtors.

  1. If you have received a letter of demand but you do not agree with the debt it is best to respond to the letter as soon as possible to avoid further action against you.
  2. You may wish to negotiate a payment arrangement to settle the account. Alternatively, you may wish to dispute the grounds of the claim made against you. In any event, you should act quickly. For assistance, contact Western Law and we will advise you on your options.