Laws For The Council

Each municipality of Victoria has a local council that has the power to make certain local laws for the community. The council is only authorized to make and enforce these local laws in accordance with certain regulations.

Where a council has acted in a way that is outside the scope of its powers, you can request that their actions be internally reviewed. If this does not resolve the matter, Victoria has a State Ombudsman which deals with complaints about public Victoria organizations.

If you think a council has breached any human rights, you can make a complaint to the Victorian Ombudsman. However, contacting an agency would be one of the best options to go further as the agency is well-aware of all the legal proceedings and would help you in a better way.

If you have an issue with your local Council or another government authority, contact Western Law to understand your options.

Complaint Resolution For Council Disputes

1. A brief statement for council disputes

You need to submit a brief statement of your issue for council disputes

2. History of the case

You need to submit a brief history of the case.

3. Correspondence and other documents

You also need to submit the correspondence to and from the council and other required documents

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